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Synthetic Athletic Fields

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Professional Turf Solutions supplies and installs the highest quality synthetic turf sports surfaces. Our staff is trained and knowledgable, with more than a half century of combined experience and over 100 athletic field installations nationwide.

The Pro Turf System vs. Natural Grass:

  • Superior traction and consistent footing

  • Lower maintenance costs: no mowing, watering, chemicals, aerating, or painting; savings can exceed $20,000 per year

  • Game lines, logos, and numbers never need re-painting

  • Even rubber-cushioned playing surface known to reduce injuries

  • Increased hours of playability year-round and in all weather conditions due to high durability

  • Cutting edge UV-treated synthetic fiber "turf carpet"

Pro Turf vs. The Other Guys:

  • We can fabricate fibers to suit your specifications, including Monofilament, LSR, XP, and more

  • We're owner-operator with 30+ years excavating experience

  • Our expert crews travel to your site to install our synthetic fields, NOT an untrained third-party

  • PTS buys direct from the manufacturer, cutting out the middle and passing the often significant savings on to the customer

Installation of the field

The Base: One of the most important and integral parts of construction. Without a good base it does not matter how good the turf is. Our years of excavating experience means we can design a base for every particular region of the country.

The Turf: Our Pro Design Turf is the most durable in the marketplace and is installed by our expert crews. Our turf has 3-part woven backing, 26 ounces of polyeurethane backing, and a 3/8" stitch gauge -- all of which means that you get the maximum amount of fibers per square foot. We can also order artificial grass according to your specifications and needs.

Artifical field at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga - Finley StadiumThe Infill: Our infill is 100% Cryogenic rubber, which is the cleanest, most uniform infill product available.

The Crew: When you get right down to it, what matters the most is the installation -- and it is best to know that you are working with people who know what they're doing.

We've installed for all the major turf companies, and now bring that expertise directly to you for significantly less. We use only our own trained installation crews, and do not sub-contract our work.

Please view or download our Benefits Sheet for a summary of the benefits of working with Professional Turf Solutions.



When we quote a price we included everthing that is necessary for an athletic field: numbers, hashmarks, yardage markers, and all intregral game lines. Savings from lower overhead and buying direct from the manuafacturer are passed on to the customer. Please call us toll-free at (866) 720-4653 for more information.


Athletic Fields FAQ

What kind of maintenance is required?

Maintenance is drastically reduced. No mowing, watering, weeding, reseeding, aerating, fertilizing, or painting. Savings in maintenance costs can exceed $20,000 per year. All that is required is 1) Brooming the turf now and again with a pull-behind broom that we provide for you, and 2) picking up debris. Like anything else, the more you care for the field, the longer it will last.

What are the costs involved?

Costs can include tearing-out and disposing of sod, constructing a concrete curb around a track, base re-construction, the synthetic turfs themselves, extras such as logos and end-zone lettering, the infill, material, and labor. The base work can vary greatly depending upon condition of the current base.

How long does a synthetic turf sport surface last?

Depending on the amount of usage and how well the field is taken care of, your synthetic field could last up to 15 years.

Do you hire a third-party to install your fields?

No, PTS never sub-contracts the labor. We use only our trained installation crews. In fact, our company president is lead foreman on 70% of our projects and can usually be seen rolling out the turf himself.

How do your prices compare to other companies?

Pro Turf typically saves our customers thousands of dollars as compared to other turf companies. The savings come from much lower overhead and buying direct from the manufacturer, eliminating a dealer network. We are a small, family-based company so we depend on our reputation of providing excellent customer service with the end result being a field we all are proud of. We will not sacrifice integrity or quality- we give 100% for the entire process.

Do your lower prices result in a sacrifice of quality?

No, not in the least. In fact, with PTS you still get the highest quality turf on the market and our expert installation crews (including our hands-on company president and lead-foreman, Dale Collett) who know every detail of the installation process, ensuring fields built with the highest level of integrity.

What kind of infill do you use?

We use 100% Maximum Compactible Cryogenic Rubber as our infill. The freezing process ensures that the rubber is clean and metal-free. Cryogenic rubber eliminates rubber floating, which provides superior traction and consistent footing. In fact, turf fields with rubber infill have been known to reduce injuries. Synthetic Turf fields are fast becoming the standard.

Where is the turf made?

The turf fibers are made by Ten-Cate Thiolon, a 300-year-old Dutch company with a plant in Tennessee. They are one of only two companies that manufacture the fiber. Every turf company gets their fiber from one of these two companies; no turf company manufactures their own fiber.

The fibers are then "tufted" at the TurfStore in Calhoun, Georgia. The TurfStore is the 2nd largest manufacturer of turf in the United States. We cut out the "middle man" and buy direct from TurfStore.

Do you offer Monofilament turf?

Absolutely. There is no exclusivity on Monofilament turf. Pro Turf can order turf according to your specifications, whether it's Monofilament, LSR, XP, or XP Pro.

What about drainage?

The turf backing is perforated to allow for drainage. Water flows down through the rubber infill and then through the perforations. Then the water reaches the sub-base, which should be designed to allow to for optimal drainage, and PTS can assist with that.

How often can a synthetic field be used?

Every day of the year and in all kinds of weather. 24-7-365.

How long have you been installing fields?

12 years installing synthetic turf fields, with 30+ years of excavating experience. We have over 130 athletic field installations and over 500 synthetic turf installations overall at airports, playgrounds, private residences, municipalities, median strips, and businesses.

What about base construction?

The base is an intregral part of this construction. PTS will assist in designing a system that is optimal for your site and geographic location. With 30 years in the excavation business, PTS is an expert in drainage and sub-bases, which often results in savings for the customer.

What about environmental factors?

ProDesign Turf is environmentally friendly. The turf is completely safe to play on and we have done lead testing and fire safety testing to verify and the results speak for themselves. Feel free to ask for verification. Independent journalists have even run tests and the conclusion is our product is virtually lead-free.

What insurance and warranties do you offer?

There is an 8-year manufacturer's warranty that comes with the turf. PTS also offers an 8-year warranty on workmanship, one-year being the industry standard.

Have you done any high-profile installations?

Yes. Florida State University, the University of South Carolina, Northwestern University, Montana State University, Mesa State College, and University of Tennessee Chattanooga, to name a few. Contact us for references.


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